gay holidays in gran canaria

For a fabulous GAY WINTER HOLIDAY IN THE SUN, the most popular place for Europeans is GRAN CANARIA for sun, sand, sea, sex and sangria!

Definitely,  gay  GRAN  CANARIA  is  our  very best winter-sun gay holiday place. 

During the summer months, GRAN CANARIA as a gay holiday place, competes with the gay holiday places around the Mediterranean, such as IBIZA and SITGES...but don't feel put off by that, because GRAN CANARIA is an all-year-round gay holiday place; it's just that, between May and October, it is less busy as a gay holiday place...but it's still  H-O-T!!! Unless you have no choice in the matter of holiday dates, it is probably best to avoid this destination during the school summer holiday period from the last week in July to the first week in September but even during this period you can avoid the maddeningly crowded straight scene here because apart from a few up-for-it husbands, the straights tend to shunt off to their sort of places from the YUMBO, leaving us with its gay-action nightlife! 

As a ‘hot’ and economical base for a gay GRAN CANARIA  holiday... we reckon you can’t do better than to book  one of  our gay-friendly apartments by the YUMBO centre in PLAYA  DEL INGL?  We have loads of apartments here, only a few minutes' walk to the Yumbo Centre for the gay nightlife, the  breathtaking  Dunes(!!)  and  the  gay  nudist  beach.  All  the  apartments  are  in  technically  'mixed'  blocks  of  gay  men,  lesbians and even, in some, the possibility of some straight  guests  as  well!  Don’t  worry  about  that  though...  they  are  behind their closed doors and the apartments we use are in  blocks   that   we   share   with   other   gay   travel   companies  throughout Europe so the chances are that there will be gay  holidaymakers all around you. 


All of the self-catering apartments are, of course, fully self- contained, typical  holiday  studio,  one and two-bedroomed  apartments. Although most of you don't want to spend your  holiday slaving over the hot stove, it's nice to have the facility  for the odd snacks-in...and of course, the fridge for the cold drinks. There will be a supermarket close-by for you  to  stock-up.    Each  apartment  comes  with  its  own  private  bathroom facilities, with shower... and towels are provided - and changed during your stay. Studio apartments are open- plan and sleep 1-2/3, with one bedroomed apartments also sleeping normally 1-3 or (occasionally) 4 -  with a sofa-bed in the lounge. The bedrooms normally are  twin-bedded (sorry about that... you just have to shove the  beds  together  if  you  want  to  double-up).  Two  bedroomed  units make for a very economical holiday for 4 or 5 sharing (again, there is a sofa-bed in the lounge for the  5th    person...but,    two-bedroomed    apartments    are    less plentiful. All of our apartments are located in purpose-built - and  often quite large blocks close to the Yumbo, unless you specify  that you want to be somewhere else... 


...just one of our ‘gay-friendly’ apartment blocks...just over the road from the YUMBO CENTRE ...

Spacious one-bedroomed apartments in a great location and  with  a  good  swimming-pool  and  sunbathing  areas,  with  sun- loungers. This has been one of our favourites over the past few years.  

Similar apartments are at the LENAMAR, LIBERTY, TENEGUIA, and TINACHE with 2-bedroomed apartments at the  BARBADOS 

Also, if you prefer, we can offer you bungalows and mini-villa units too. All our accommodation comes with the use  of a swimming-pool and sunbathing terraces too even though most of you head off to  the beach and dunes by day. Unless you specify otherwise, we normally locate you within 5 to 15-minutes-or-so walk  from the Yumbo centre for easy staggering back in the early hours...and, equally, within easy and  convenient walking distance of the Dunes; we do not think it is very clever to boast accommodation located within "an  easy taxi ride"...where the timings sound similar...because we think that's a hassle you could do  without when you're on holiday! For the very best-priced deals you should normally stick to a monday-to-monday  booking for one or two weeks but if you are tied to Saturday-to-Saturday we will still find you a good deal. 

Remember,  though, that we strongly advise advance planning as the best (and cheaper) stuff gets sold first and normally only  higher-priced deals are available closer to departure - especially at peak holiday  times... 
GRAN CANARIA is a VERY POPULAR gay holiday please try hard not to leave booking until the last minute...  But if your search on our ON-LINE BOOKING screens  seems to fail    you, then  give  us  a  call...we may be lucky and find you something that will satisfy your requirements... 
Apart   from   the   gay- friendly apartments by the YUMBO, we also  offer you nice,  exclusively gay-male bungalow  complexes. 

Our  favourite  is  located  in  the  Maspalomas    area    (some    15-minutes,    or    so,    walk    to    the  YUMBO CENTRE) with a pool, as illustrated here.......... 

Again similarly quite close-by for the Dunes beach and the nightlife of the YUMBO though  you may use taxis for the added convenience if you haven’t hired  a car for your holiday. 

We offer a flexible choice of 1 and 2-bedroomed bungalows... in a gay male, clothing-optional complex of 24 one-bedroomed and 6  two-bedroomed units   with 2 swimming-pools.  Upon special request, we may even be able to provide you  with a three-bedroomed unit but these are like gold- dust!  

The other gay complex - for those of you that like to be very resort-based but with a car for getting about, is located in  Sonnenland... a neighbourhood behind you’ll need to get around by taxi if you stay here... or you  should hire a car for your holiday... we will arrange for you to pick up and drop off your car at the airport for maximum  convenience... ask us about our cheap car hire rates and the advantages of having a car when staying here. 

Both complexes are quite intimate, with accommodation arranged around a swimming-pool with sunbeds and pool- side bar serving drinks, full meals and snacks - set in sub-tropical gardens with palm trees. These cost quite a lot  more than our apartments and are often fully-booked well in advance, especially in the winter   just because of the exclusively gay male aspect...for those of you who love that,  and can’t wait to join the ‘knitting- circle’ around the pool for a good gossip and stuff like that... so,  we recommend early booking. 

We have a limited supply of private villa accommodation, in more private, quiet and quite select residential  area of Maspalomas close to the Dunes and golf course, fully furnished and well-equipped to a high standard,  including satellite television, hi-fi and radio a good option for groups with cars.  Also, we have a nice  villa in Playa del Ingl? within walking distance of the YUMBO but it gets booked-up often many months  ahead! 
There are no gay hotels here, but we can offer 'quality' 3-star+ hotels if required, yet, (although most of them  are over-run with straights and, often with lots of children too,)  we have a few favourites that are likely to have  a  number  of  other  gay  guests,  too!  

We  will  point  you  in  the  right  direction...  like  the  HOTEL  REY  CARLOS which is close to the dunes and in the main street leading to the YUMBO.  This is a good 3-star hotel  with a good buffet restaurant and you can opt for half-board or full board if you like the idea of taking your  meals within your hotel rather than search out restaurants. It is also one of the hotels that could appeal to those of you who prefer not to stay in apartments when on holiday. 

Like all Canary Islands, gay GRAN CANARIA is a year-round holiday place ...but for us north  Europeans, it's just great during our grotty, inclement winter months. For example, in January and  February, it's normally a very nice 20'C+ with 6-7 hours of sunshine every day...and  these are the coolest months!!!  So, a great gay holiday place for topping up your summer suntan in the  winter months! 

Christmas and New Year is the most popular and busy time for the gay scene in GRAN CANARIA but, as with  all holiday places at the peak of their season, it is the most expensive time and early booking is normally  pretty essential. The exclusively gay male bungalow complexes are almost always fully booked from  15th December to 5th January many months in advance... but plenty of studio, one- and  two-bedroomed apartments by the YUMBO can sometimes be  available even at quite short notice, although  often at substantially higher prices. So, you now know what to do... EARLY BOOKING is strongly advised at  all times during the winter months for this busy gay and lesbian winter-sun gay holiday place!