gay holidays in ibiza

...last year was truly fantastic... it promises to be even better this summer!

 we are the IBIZA specialists

 we get you into bed anywhere you want to be on the sun-drenched island of IBIZA...but,
 IBIZA TOWN is where you want to be for the gay-action night-life - it's HOT!!

  • we offer YOU the best choice + great value...
  • gay and gay-friendly apartments + hotels + villas in IBIZA - including IBIZA TOWN
  • we offer you everything from hotels in the good 'budget' category  to 4-star luxury, and self-catering studios + apartments + villa accommodation in IBIZA TOWN... including its Figueretas neighbourhood.

This is the Mediterranean gay island paradise and has been our main gay summer holiday place for years-and-years - ranking  IBIZA, year-in-and-year-out, as the

# 1 gay holiday place!

Yes, IBIZA is the best of the fabulous, summer GAY HOLIDAY PLACES!
...and IBIZA TOWN is where you want to be for the gay-action’s HOT!!!
So, unless you specify otherwise, we offer you a fantastic choice of accommodation - all centrally-located, right in IBIZA TOWN.

For the very best summer  gay holiday place to stay in Europe, it has to be IBIZA and we are talking IBIZA TOWN here. IBIZA TOWN ("EIVISSA”)  is a very cosmopolitan but small, yet densely built-up and pretty little Spanish island city in the sun... and VERY gay! It has a thousand-odd years of history behind it, with a fishing village atmosphere around the harbour area, behind which, lie fascinating little cobbled streets with a terrific array of shops and trendy boutiques, cafes, restaurants and bars to suit all tastes and budgets  - not forgetting the 'Street of the Virgins' (Calle de la Virgen) which is the gay street - packed with gay venues. 
The gay nightlife routine here tends to start around the puerto area - then into the Virgin's street - then you wend your way through the labyrinthine streets to the ramp that takes you up over the drawbridge and through the rampart walls of the Old Town (D'Alt Vila) into a public square with more little shops, art galleries, antique shops and great restaurants - which leads on up to the cruisy Ramparts and to fabulous views over the city  - especially by night!) ...and to yet more bars and restaurants overlooking the old walls...and then on to the mega-gay night-club - the discoteca  Anfora...until six-or-seven in the morning! 

We offer you a fantastic choice of accommodation - all centrally-located, right in IBIZA TOWN - where you want to be... exclusively gay and gay-friendly apartments and hotels from the cheapest - for the budget-conscious - up to international-styled, comfortable, 4-four-star rated...

But, we avoid accommodation in the La Marina - puerto area because it is just so noisy whenever you need to catch some sleep (very noisy bars which are serviced by equally very noisy deliveries through the following morning too, with crates of empty beer bottles being chucked around down below) added to which, we can offer both cheaper and nicer alternatives in more congenial areas very convenient for everything!

But, there is another 'pocket' of gay scene around the beach area of the Town - the  Los Molinos-Figueretas area of IBIZA TOWN -  where we have lots of gay and gay-friendly hotels, studio, one-and two-bedroomed apartments and villa accommodation - all for your convenience, just minutes from the cruisy promenade - and the swimming-pool which justs out into the sea... the gay bars, gay caf?bistro-bars and  a gay nudist beach in this area - yet only an easy-peasy five-to-ten-minute walk (or a very short taxi ride) separates these two gay areas of the Town!

But, if all this sounds like it's too much - don't don't have to do it! You can do just nothing much, except just taking it easy and doing just what you want to do, at your own pace. There are no gay clubbing police who are going to make you join in! This may be stating the obvious, but we have had some  feedback from some  of you who have not been to Ibiza,  who say that you are not really the clubbing type, or that you are too old, or you just want to relax in the which we reply that IBIZA, then, is just the place for you... The island is great for exploring, for its history, its archaeology, its architectural breadth of styles through the invasions of successive cultures and influences over the centuries - its landscape for great walking, and countryside - the little hamlets and the Ibicenco 'peasants' working the fields seemingly oblivious to the tourism  magnet of the coastal areas of the island; 

all of this can, should you chose it, provide a quite different sort of holiday experience yet in the knowledge that you are on a safe and very open-minded, tolerant and gay-friendly island where you can do your own thing...but should you be tempted to explore the gay scene, its there - and very welcoming. But just do next-to-nothing if you want; that’s no problem. And of course, at another level, IBIZA TOWN is just a normal little Spanish city that buzzes away all-year-round, and that just happens to have a very busy and famous gay scene, too. Whoever you are, whatever your interests and regardless of your age you are sure to have a good and relaxing holiday here! (We think we have now made the point that its NOT "Club 18-30"-land, here in IBIZA TOWN, just as the television "Ibiza Uncovered" series focussed on the other side of the island, in San Antonio - where we will NOT have you stay!)

Also, for that extra touch of luxury, we offer villas and apartments with or without pools throughout the island, where a car is a recommended pre-requisite both for the nightlife of Ibiza Town and for easy access to the best gay nudist beach in Europe. However, you should be aware that for your group to move around there has to be a willing group of teetotal drivers as these out-of-Town villas are normally located in quite isolated rural areas.

If you like to get your kit off and you enjoy willy-watching, then you’ll just love Ibiza’s fabulous gay nudist beach - a short bus ride out of Town, in an idyllic nature reserve location, sandy, with low-rise sand-dunes, perfect for swimming plus a nice gay beach-bar-caf? restaurant, or you can just relax in the sun, amongst the most wonderful array of naked men...and with cruising - and maybe a hot shag - in the forest behind the beach!!! Marvellous!!! Highly recommended!!! There is another, smaller gay nudist beach in TOWN, just five minutes or so from your holiday accommodation so you’ll  have no excuse now  about going for that all-over tan!

Lesbians have a great  time here, too.... don’t worry...the boyz don’t have a monopoly on this fabulous place!  More recently there has been a big increase in the number of lesbians holidaying here, in IBIZA TOWN and it’s not unusual to see the girlz holding hands round town!

Please  note that we steer you away from the `straight` package holiday deals offered by the 'straight' travel agencies and holiday companies because these are not in IBIZA TOWN, making it, therefore, inconvenient and expensive in taxi fares as well finding yourself typically surrounded by the sort of `cheap` straight British homophobes and naffs you want to forget about when you are on holiday! We think it should be obvious to all that if you check out a straight travel company's offerings you'll get a 'straight' result but we never cease to be amazed by the number of guys and girls who tell us that they made that mistake first time round and ended up in the wrong place on the island of IBIZA! Yes, it must be a little confusing, especially when, even some of the holiday companies in the gay press and on the web,  are offering straight holiday San Antonio, and (little better!) in Playa d'en Bossa!!! ...and sometimes, travel articles are commissioned through 'straight' sourcing that encourage this confusion. Whilst the advertising revenue gained by the gay media in promoting straight travel products is their gain, the result is that some gay holidaymakers think that they are going to a gay place but inadvertently, by giving money to a straight company, end up in a 'straight' resort...and that travel company that is keen enough to muscle-in on the pink economy, makes its money ...but the gay holidaymaker ends up in the wrong place! Can you imagine the scenario where a couple of young gay guys find themselves in San Antonio with young yobs as their neighbours on each side of their holiday apartment... and on their first morning they are greeted by missiles being hurled across their balcony...and when our innocent sweet gay lads do not join in 'their" fun they are then made to feel really comfortable with ..."are yer fuckin' poofters, or what?" ...We hope we have made the point!

IBIZA IN WINTER?  Does anyone (we hear you scream!) go there between November and April? Many believe that  when ‘the season’ finishes at the end of October, the island is uninhabited! You may be surprised to learn that Ibiza is a 52-weeks-a-year place! Yes, a cosmopolitan mix live there and IBIZA TOWN has a buzz and energy to it even when most of the seasonal tourists have gone...and even the sun shines after the main tourist season! In reality, most of the gay scene has closed down (except for a couple of bars or so) ...with the departure of the last of the summer queens at the end of October but it’s still a great place to go, especially so if you are rather ‘non-scene.’  Also, it’s a very conducive climate for exploring the nooks-and-crannies of IBIZA TOWN, its townscape, its history, its architecture, the Ramparts, the cathedral, castle, churches and museums as well as the many hamlets,  villages and  towns around the island... (even San Antonio is more interesting in the winter months!) and the varied countryside, landscapes and seascapes. Those of you who have been out-of-season have reported back to us favourably on how it is so much easier to explore when the weather is less intensely hot, when otherwise all you want to do is just to bask in the sun (or seek out the shade!), or wallow in the sea or swimming-pool!

we offer very cheap IBIZA winter rates, including long-stay rates
So, if you are retired, or you just want to escape British and northern hemisphere winters, between November and April, to write that book, or just 'chill-out' in an agreeable climate, this could be for you!
WINTER PRICES start from only £33 per person per week! (the same thing is £220 per person  in July and August!), escape the winter in IBIZA!..... We have a choice of self-catering STUDIO and ONE-BEDROOMED APARTMENTS + at the luxury end of the scale, a delightful 4-STAR hotel right on the waterfront at the IBIZA TOWN end of the Figueretas promenade with rooms overlooking the sea.