gay holidays in lesbos

BOYZ KEEP OUT..................

This is a fabulous lesbian summer holiday destination which provides THE answer for lesbians who want to find a holiday space of their own that isn't dominated by either overt heterosexualism or by the commercial gay male scene of most gay destinations. LESBOS is a still-beautiful, unspoilt and undeveloped large island. As the birthplace of Sappho, the first-known and greatest of all women poets, it is now firmly established as a unique place of "pilgrimage" for lesbians around the world and is strongly recommended as the lesbian holiday destination from May through to October. We have a good choice of self-catering accommodation and hotels in Skala Eressos (the ONLY) place you want to be on this large island in the sun)...for the strong female presence here - on the streets, around-and-about, in the cafes, tavernas, bars and nightlife and, of course, the womens beach and camp!!!

Above all, you do NOT want to be staying in Petra (or anywhere other than Skala Eressos) or you could be surrounded by straight package-holidaymakers who also come to the island...added to which, travelling around the island To and from Skala Eressos is not easy - and is VERY slow - unless you have hired a car. The biggest problem is getting to the island...with only one direct flight a week from the U.K. which has become expensive, the cost of a
holiday here can be, consequently, more expensive than to, say, IBIZA, so lots of girls have recently opted instead to have a good time in IBIZA, saving that "pilgrimage" for later. For those of you who must go to LESBOS, please contact us well in advance to obtain the best prices but be warned that July and August is more expensive and harder to book close to departure date.