gay holidays in mykonos

Although twice as far away from the U.K. as Ibiza, this Greek island attracts a lot of British guys to the very cosmopolitan-and-gay Mykonos Town - which has a nice little gay scene, (YES, little!). Do not come here expecting loads of in-your-face gay venues with raunchy dark-rooms, saunas and the like!

MYKONOS TOWN is quite up-market, and for a small island gay holiday place in the sun, it has a plethora of small but upmarket shops and boutiques of the international designer-label type ...and it accordingly attracts a lot of gay couples and groups who come here specifically because it offers something quite different to the "sleaze" identified in some minds with the YUMBO CENTRE in Gran Canaria! Be warned that if you are not too agile, please be aware that it is hilly in TOWN; this can be mitigated to a degree by requesting a central location but you are likely still to encounter some steps and steep inclines and wheelchair accessibility can be a problem here. Also, the beaches are out-of-town...and the gayest one, at SUPER PARADISE requires quite a commitment to the little expedition involved in getting to it!

Many would-be holidaymakers to MYKONOS (particularly those of you looking for a bargain-priced holiday) are a little put-off by the limited number of quite expensive direct flights that operate out of Britain by the straight holiday companies that have more recently over-run the island with their straight package-holidays so that, even on the one-time very gay Super Paradise beach, the straights have invaded big-time thereby squeezing the  gay part to one end of the us less freedom and privacy to be our uninhibited selves! But, don't worry, there's still enough room for YOU!

... but there are still plenty of opportunities to ‘get yer kit off’ !!!

The biggest problem of all tends to be centred around actually booking up your holiday here! Most of the accommodation is fully-booked for high season (July-mid-September) for many months in advance; this is a popular but small international gay holiday place with insufficient direct flights and little price competition between the few flight operators so the problem is compounded not just by high prices but limited availability so the sensible thing to do is to book well ahead...and avoid the high August prices if you can... so for those of you who still insist on spontaneous urges about holidaying in MYKONOS warned, we'll tell you off...but we will do our best to sort you out! Your holiday here could be combined with a few days spent in ATHENS, en-route, where we have centrally-located hotels across the quality and price range...or island-hopping to other Cyclades islands, such as SANTORINI and TINOS close-by.