gay holidays in viareggio

We never thought it would happen, with the strong influence of La Papa over Italy’s attitude to gayness... but, at last, we have a fully-fledged gay beach summer holiday resort, making VIAREGGIO the first beachside city in Italy to develop a full-on gay holiday place. Gay VIAREGGIO - or, more specifically, its beach neighbourhood of gay Torre del Lago has a nicely developing gay scene, thank you! That it has a gay beach, was kept a pretty closely-guarded secret by the locals for the past twenty years or so,. Until now, that is... because over the past five years, there has been a slowly-but-surely build-up of that gay tolerance and amenities that has evolved into the gay holiday place in Italy. The process has been helped along by the fact that Tuscany is a much more open, tolerant and switched-on region of Italy than anywhere else in the country... especially compared with down in the ‘deep south.’ And, it has, traditionally, had a gay beach... which helps a lot!  Of course, the major Italian cities have been quite a pull for us for ages through their crowd-pulling art and architecture as well as the gastronomy and beautiful people. But compared with Spain, and even Greece, Italy has been a real latecomer as a ‘hot’ summer gay holiday place, until for a new experience, why not now explore gay Italy by choosing gay VIAREGGIO - gay Torre del Lago - our new gay holiday place?

Gay VIAREGGIO - gay Torre del Lago is easy to get to. We fly you into Pisa of ‘Leaning Tower of...’ fame, which is only about ten miles from your gay holiday place where there is a wide choice of gay and gay-friendly guest-house and  hotel accommodation that we can book you into. Remember, it is a gay summer holiday place through from May to October...but at its busiest from the end of June to the beginning of September.... when advance booking is really needed to secure the best deal... Unlike the Spanish gay holiday places, that have the option - for those of you who like that sort of thing... of a choice of raunchy venues... saunas, bars and clubs with dark rooms and themed underwear and nude events... this gay holiday place is VIAREGGIO - gay Torre del Lago has none of these places... so this gay holiday place could be seen as a quite refined and more discrete version of our Spanish favourite gay holiday places... so, may suit gay and lesbian couples and groups... especially those of you who are up for enjoying the nice, large gay beach by day (but it is NOT nudist!) with a choice, by night, of good restaurants for a nice, relaxed meal, followed by a drink or two in the good choice of gay bars and clubs. For those of you that like to spend your holiday daytimes doing more than ‘frying’ on the beach every day, there is a very rich seam of Italian culture to be explored in the neighbouring Tuscan countryside and the cities of Genoa, Lucca and Florence as well as Pisa on your doorstep... with even Bologna within striking distance. If you prefer to stay in any of these cities for a night-or-two, effectively creating a two-centre holiday, we can take care of all of this, including car hire if desired. If you are big on culture, it may be better to opt for a fortnight’s holiday in gay VIAREGGIO - gay Torre del Lago if you plan to check out some of those major Renaissance landmarks in Florence like the Cathedral, the Baptistry and the Donatello and Michelangelo sculptures... if nothing else,  because, of course, you need to space things out in a relaxed way because you are on holiday, after all! So,  you must sample the amazing gastronomy... and pizzas are allowed to be included here, in Italy...and not forgetting those cappuccinos and ice-creams!