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Yep! GAY HOLIDAY PLACES… that’s what we do!

Yes, we do gay holidays worldwide, for gay guys, lesbians, gay transvestites, transsexuals and their children and friends!

Of course, we take you off to all the most popular gay holiday hotspots – especially to gay Ibiza throughout summer, as well as gay Sitges, gay Mykonos… and gay Lesbos for the girlz… and all-year-round, but especially in winter, we take planeloads of you to gay Gran Canaria for the winter sun-sand-sea-sex-and sangria!

Ibiza Town is H-O-T and very gay… We have a fab choice of gay and gay-friendly apartments, hotels and villa accommodation – from budget to ‘luxury’ category -  close-by terrific beaches… including gay nudist…and the legendary hot gay-action nightlife  - for a great gay Ibiza holiday. Don’t worry, you won’t get rounded-up by the gay nightlife police if you prefer a quieter, chilled-out and relaxed holiday because you can have that, too, on this very open-minded and relaxed island paradise in the Med. We reckon Ibiza Town is the best gay summer holiday place in Europe, but if you fancy gay Sitges or  gay Mykonos …or wherever…we have a similarly great choice of accommodation options to offer you – but, obviously,  the earlier you book, the wider range of choices you will have.

Gay Gran Canaria is the hot  choice for a gay winter-sun holiday…with the gay beach and dunes by day and the Yumbo by night. It’s sunny here all-year-round and we have terrific bargain deals in Playa del Ingl? around the Yumbo.... which is, really, the best and most convenient place to stay for a Gay Gran Canaria holiday. 

Other gay holiday places include gay Mallorca, staying in Palma city, gay Benidorm (yes, gay Benidorm!) staying in, or very close-by the Old Town... and nowhere else, and likewise, gay Torremolinos by the Nogalera.... and gay Tenerife Puerto de la Cruz. Until very recently, the Spanish destinations of Ibiza, Sitges and Gran Canaria have offered the very best in gay holiday places ... with Greece offering only Mykonos, .... and Lesbos for the girlz. But, for hot gay summer holiday places in Europe we had to tell you .... "well, not really" ....until now! Anew option is in a gay Italy beach gay holiday place which you can enjoy with all that Tuscany has to offer, too, with culture and gastronomy thrown-in. But, a gay Italy beach holiday is only to be found in gay Viareggio or more specifically in the adjoining gay Torre del Lago where we offer you a choice of gay and gay-friendly hotels close-by the gay beach.
Further afield, for the best of gay America,  there is gay New York, gay San Francisco, gay Key West, gay Miami South Beach and gay Fort Lauderdale.

Gays exist, of course, in every society – however intolerant or repressive the regime may be but don’t get carried away with the idea that you can go anywhere these days and be accepted amongst kindred spirits. Our ‘list’ of gay holiday places should NOT give you that impression but this is where our advice, customer service and expertise kicks in. If a destination appeals but you don’t see it referred to on our website, then tell us your thoughts through our CONTACT US page on the right of header bar above… and we will advise you. If you want to visit Cuba, for example,  that’s no problem – we can fix you up. Cuba is well-policed, so you may feel ‘safe’ (provided you don’t flaunt-it), it’s worth going for Havana for the sightseeing and vibe on the streets…but it’s best not to be too determined to track down the nascent gay scene because that’s quite another story! But, for a gay Mexico holiday, there is gay Puerto Vallarta. The Caribbean is not noted for its gay sympathies (often quite the reverse…) so you might be surprised by our inclusion of gay Dominican Republic in our list, but we have a ‘secret’ little resort which we feature in our honeymoons section because it is a bit special, and unique…but it is not open only to honeymooners though…it’s a great holiday choice for couples and groups. 

Likewise, for a gay South Africa holiday, we offer gay Cape Town which is like nowhere else on the rest of the continent, even though in South Africa there is some gay scene elsewhere: principally in Johannesburg and Durban….if you would like to venture out of gay Cape Town that’s no problem for us to include these in your itinerary.

Heading east, we have gay holidays that dreams were created for in gay Thailand with fantastic holiday places in gay Bangkok, gay Pattaya, gay Phuket and gay Chaing Mai …and not forgetting about gay Australia – with gay Sydney and gay Melbourne. Phew!!!

After this whistle-stop tour of the gay holiday places of the world, you must be feeling that you need to get away for a long weekend sometime soon, on a gay citybreak. We offer loads of gay citybreaks from the old favourite, gay Amsterdam to the fierce competition faced by gay Barcelona, gay Madrid, gay Valencia, gay Seville, gay Palma de Mallorca, gay Ibiza, gay Hamburg, gay Berlin, gay Vienna, gay Paris,and new-kids-on-the-block such as gay Prague and gay Budapest – as well as gay Geneva, gay Lisbon, gay Milan, gay Rome… and even gay Brussels …to name a few!

Also, we can help you with gay CRUISES - many of these depart in the States for the Caribbean and Mexico… but there are some European ones too, during the summer months, in the Mediterranean… but normally, you need to plan well ahead to secure these so let us have your thoughts through our CONTACT US page and we will put together a great gay cruise for you.

Gay, gay, gay holidays around the world – that’s been our long-standing specialisation. Before other gay companies had been born, or were still in nappies (no names mentioned!) we were developing our gay holidays and searching out the gay holiday places of the world. We know our gay holiday places so we put you right where you want to be. For a gay Ibiza holiday, we don’t just pack you off to Ibiza, we do gay Ibiza! Just as we would not put you in San Antonio on the island of Ibiza, likewise elsewhere in the world, in the above-listed gay holiday places…get it? Unless, of course, you insist upon otherwise, of course… and we will still do you a good deal because in developing our gay holiday places we have learnt about the straight places that most of you are very keen to avoid and we can access all the regular package holiday stuff that you can find in any travel agency. Our search technology can scan for the best available prices of high street ‘straight’ package holidays: all you have to do is tell us this is what you’d be happy with and we will do the rest!

Please do not forget, however, that we built-up our long-standing business well before the internet, when in those days and until very recently, we spoke to all our clients in depth about holiday choices and prices; this personal service we wish to continue with, even though some of you are so addicted to the internet for searching out your holiday that you overlook the directness and benefits of picking up the phone… so, particularly if you are in the U.K., pick up the phone… we are here to help and provide a good personal service.

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